Douglas Paul Leibbrandt's Coat Of Arms

South African Leibbrandt Family Tree

Descendants of D1

Conrad Friedrich Georg
D1 (1780-1849)
died: 1849 Cape
lived: ±69 years
Father of the third line of Leibbrandts. Arrived in the Cape 1800.

FlagDE German Ancestor
died: 03/08/1849
lived: ±59 years
married: ±1808
D11 (1808-)
Johanna Barbara Fredrika
D12 (1809-1852)
died: 03/01/1852
lived: ±43 years
Willem Hendrik Muir
Coenraad Hendrik
D13 (1813-)
Maria Magdalena Lacock
Maria Magdalena
D131 (1835-1904)
died: 08/02/1904
lived: ±69 years
Jacobus Wilhelmus Van Niekerk
Maynard Lacock
D132 (1838-1887)
died: 05/07/1887 Grahamstown
lived: ±49 years
A Livery Stable owner in Grahamstown. Buried in Grahamstown Anglican cemetery No 31. The reason for stating that the first wife is unknown is that the death notice was signed by a stepson for the second wife Sara - Initials C H ( Coenraad Hendrik ) same as the grandfather!

Coenraad Hendrik
D1321 (1860-)
Lived in Grahamstown.
Agnes Ann Jaques
Sara Calvert
Diedrik Andreas Dirk
D14 (1814-1865)
died: 24/06/1865
lived: ±51 years
Johan Christoffel Carel
D15 (1817-1894)
born: 1817 Doom Hoogte (Wynberg Flats)
died: 1894 Sir Lowry Road, Cape Town
lived: ±77 years
A grocer and a farmer. This line dies out as he only had daughters.
Maria Johanna Stiglingh
lived: ±69 years
Carolina Petronella
D151 (1857-1920)
died: 03/01/1920
lived: ±63 years
John Christopher Von Eden
William Nisbet
Maria Johanna
D152 (1860-)
Elizabeth Charlotte
D153 (1863-1903)
lived: ±40 years
John William Stegman
children: Carl Johan Leibbrandt 11yrs, Pieter Ryk Le Seur 9yrs, Maria Johanna 7yrs, Matthys 5yrs,Fredrick 4yrs. Ages quoted when mother died. Married in Cape Town. Died at home 24 Fountain Rd, Fordsburg JHB
Christina Johanna
D154 (1865-1914)
lived: ±49 years
Daniel David Van Der Merwe
Richard Joseph John
D16 (1818-)
Lived in Clermont Cape. Daughter Maria KORSTEN signed the death note.
Maria Christina Mostert
died: 24/04/1890 house of a VAN DER POLL in Clermont
lived: ±68 years
Father was Jacobus and her mother Johanna MOSTERT
D161 (1842-)
D162 (1845-)
Helena Brooklyn
D1621 (1865-1918)
born: 1865 Malmesbury
died: 29/05/1918 Oakdale Bellvue
lived: ±53 years
A strange entry on the death notice: at the bottom, under the signature, the name 'Jacob' was written. The note was signed by the wife Elizabeth.
Elizabeth Margaret
D163 (1855-)
Hendrik John "Johannes"
D164 (1861-1909)
born: 05/11/1861
died: 09/08/1909 3 Hamman Road Clermont, Cape Town
lived: ±48 years
Fanny Kirsten
Richard Joseph John
D1641 (1883-1955)
born: 05/05/1883
died: 02/09/1955 Bredarsdorp
lived: ±72 years

Cornelia Loock
born: 19/01/1879
died: 11/10/1918
lived: ±39 years
Philipina Catherina Bronn
born: 10/02/1887
died: ±23/08/1956
lived: ±69 years
FP#110 Was married three times: Firstly to a Mr. Gouws (no known first name or children). Secondly to Frederick Jacobus Van der Bijl, with whom she had five children: Anna Johanna (Poppie) 1906, Frederick Jacobus 1908, Magdalene Christina Susanna 1910, Jacobus Johannes 1914, Barnard Jacobus 1915. She became a widow and the lastly married Richard Joseph John.

Maria Magdalena Johanna Petronella "Miemie" Germishuys
born: 10/08/1901
died: 08/04/1984
lived: ±83 years
married: ±1952
File no: 3036/84 Cape. FP#111. Their marriage was delayed pending his divorce from his second wife which took many years, at which stage their eldest son Joseph was already in high school.
D1642 (1884-)
John Henry Fredrick "Freddy"
D1643 (1886-1926)
died: 13/09/1926
lived: ±40 years
Lived at 6 Smith Square Woodstock.
Ann Alice Maria Mc Leary
D1644 (1887-)
William Walter
D1645 (1889-)
File number 4338/70. Cape.
Maria Sophia
born: 21/01/1895
died: 23/07/1970
lived: ±75 years
Jacobus Henry
D1646 (1892-)
Peter George
D1647 (1896-)
Clara Wunderlich
D165 (1862-)
Johan David George
D17 (1820-)
Maria Carolina
Fredrick Coenraad
D171 (1851-1922)
died: 1922 Bethlehem
lived: ±71 years
This man was probably a farmer as died at 'the inloop district' of Bethlehem. Dated at Reitz 1922. The death notice is confusing as wife Francina was probably a SWARTZ.
Francina Jacoba Swartz
died: 16/02/1898
lived: ±30 years
Formerly Mostert?
Petronella Sebella Visser
Helena Johanna Maria
D1711 (1894-)
Hendrik Johannes Van Der Watt
died: 27/05/1919
lived: ±27 years
Father:Alexander VAN DER WATT. *c1862 Mother:Susanna Johanna Maria VAN DER WATT. *c1864.
Johann David "John"
D1712 (1893-)
Olive Mary Brooks
Francois Jacobus "Frank"
D1713 (1895-1983)
born: 30/08/1895
died: 12/01/1983
lived: ±88 years
Anna Susanna Deboretha Janse Van Rensburg
born: 19/04/1898
died: 17/04/1971
lived: ±73 years
Jacob Johann Hendrik
D172 (1868-1942)
died: 1942 17 De Mist Street Pretoria
lived: ±74 years
Jacob was 66 years old when his last child was born. Similarly his father was 43 when Jacob was born.
Anna Christina Elizabeth Schnijmann
Johann David Gottfreid
D1721 (1923-1990)
lived: ±67 years
The death notice 7213/90 Cape was confusing and the information may not be correct.
Emma Susan Jane Van Lelyveld
lived: ±54 years
Johanna Carolina Du Toit
Susarah Susanna
D1722 (1925-)
Maria Elizabeth
D1723 (1927-)
Johann Jacob Hendrik
D1724 (1932-)
Cornelius Johannes
D1725 (1934-)

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