Douglas Paul Leibbrandt's Coat Of Arms

South African Leibbrandt Family Tree

Descendants of C1

Johan David
born: 1778/06/07 Leonberg, Wurttemberg, Germany
died: 1845/04/29 Cape Town
lived: ±67 years
Arrived at the Cape in 1799. A butcher, had a grocery store in Cape Town. Lived and died in 14 Bloem Street, Cape Town. When he died he left stock in shop worth 30 pounds, and immoveable property. The 'father' of the second line of Leibbrandts in South Africa.
ID: C1

FlagDEFlagZA German Ancestor
Johanna Francina Muller
Daughter of Johann George MULLER and Maria DE BEER
1.Dina Margaretha
born: 1801
ID: C11
Capt. J Nash
2.Johan Michael
born: 1810
died: 1854/05/01 Cape Town
lived: ±44 years
A shopkeeper. When he died in his home in Waterkant Street as an uncertified insolvent, all children were minors. He had moveable and immovable property under sequestration. His wife Johanna BASSON must have been a lady of courage; five children and no money!
ID: C12
Johanna Catharina Esserina Basson
2.1.Maria Francina
born: 1840
ID: C121
2.2.Hendrik Albertus
born: 1841
died: 1891/11/04
lived: ±50 years
History of his children found in PhD thesis, English Studies, Karen Jennings, UKZN 212558671, Nov 2014, cf pg 13-14
ID: C122
Maria Magdalena Anna Beyers
born: 1857
died: 1905 16 Jannusan St Gardens, Cape Town
lived: ±48 years
Was 16 years younger than husband Hendrik. Father: Martinus BEYERS, and her mother: Anna Carolina BEYERS born BRUIK. Described as a "lady" on her death notice. An educated person, signed Hendrik's death notice as executrix.
2.2.1.Maria Sophia Catharina
born: 1879
ID: C1221
De Wet
Brother of Maria De de Wet - wife of his brother-in-law Fredrick (C1224).
2.2.2.Johanna Catharina "Joey"
born: 1881
Accompanied her sister Anna and family to Peru.
ID: C1222
2.2.3.Anna Marthena (Marthina?)
born: 1883
ID: C1223
Lauritz Andersen (Andvis?)
Norwegian. Worked for a time in Johannesburg before moving to Lima, Peru
2.2.4.Fredrick Godfrey Watermeyer
born: 1885
died: 1958
lived: ±73 years
A manager of 'Stumets' a tobacco and snuff company in Cape Town. Was known as a very good generous man. Frederick was a reputed to be a hoarder (as was his son Aubrey) and in one of the cellars under his house he stored all the cards and letters that his sisters had sent him from Peru, England and Russia. But, after his death, grief-stricken, Ria cleared out the cellars burning everything flammable on the lawn of the family home; letters, photos, books, portraits, everything.
ID: C1224
Maria Magdalena Elizabeth "Ria (pronouced Rye-a)" De Wet
born: 1893/07/12
died: 1981/09/15
lived: ±88 years
Began a courtship with her brother-in-law, Frederick Leibbrandt, while she was working in a shoe store in Plein Street in Cape Town, opposite the tobacconist where he worked. Her brother (name?) had married Frederik's sister, also named Maria (C1121). They were part of the old De Wet family from Oudtshoorn. Fred
born: 1918
ID: C12241
Hazel Wood
Hazel had 3 children from previous marriage to a Spinks; daughter Glen Terry Spinks (later Hanson), son Michael Spinks, and another son (name unknown) Ian
born: 1961/11/19
died: 2016/05/06
lived: ±55 years
Attended South African College School (SACS). Lieutenant in the Cape Town Highlanders Regiment, served in the Angolan war. He studied Mechanical Engineering at UCT. A computer programmer.
ID: C122411
Anne Madeleine Karlsson
married: 1993
born: 1993/07/29
ID: C1224111
born: 1921
died: 1992
lived: ±71 years
In 1930s Victor volunteered to fight with the South African forces to help drive out the Italians from Abyssinia (Northern part of modern Ethiopia). Remained to fight in WW2 (1939-1945) against the Germans and Italians in North Africa. During the war, attracted to Kathleen from a photo taken of her as a bridesmaid at her older sister's wedding in 1944. On his return to SA in 1948 courted her and married her soon after.
ID: C12242
Kathleen Margaret Jennings
born: 1925/12/02
married: 1948
A slim, dark-haired woman, her face bright and engaging in youth. Characterised by bitterness later in life (cause unknown). Brian
born: 1956
died: 1982
lived: ±26 years
ID: C122421
Karen Crowley
born: 1958
died: 1994
lived: ±36 years
Rumoured to have been afflicted with Down's syndrome.
ID: C122422
2.2.5.Adriana Heldegonda
born: 1887
died: 1972
lived: ±85 years
An accomplished concert pianist and music teacher. She eventually became one of the music teachers to the children of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II, in St Petersburg. There is no consensus in the family as to how this happened. Some have suggested that she was jilted after following her lover to Russia. Others argue that she was recommended to the Tsarina by the letter of a Russian nobleman who had been visiting South Africa. In any event, Adriana was with the royal family from 1910 till 1917. There is no record of how Adriana might have felt as revolution broke out around her in October 1917. No evidence of what a loss the deaths of her pupils might have been to her, nor of how near she may have come to death herself. It is only known that she was able to flee, reaching Odessa on the Black Sea, where she gained passage on a ship bound for France. There she was taken under the wing of a Polish nobleman, Count Bellinski (or Belinksi), whom she had known during her time in St Petersburg. They married, moving to a house near Regent’s Park in London. Adriana remained there until her death in 1972. Her will gives insight into how she might have lived, for she left the house to her housekeeper and its furniture to the head maid. She had no children, nor did she have any relatives nearby. All of her money and jewellery was bequeathed to her spinster sister, Joey. However, Joey (and her other siblings) had predeceased Adriana and therefore her estate was divided among the sons and daughters of her brothers and sisters. In South Africa, Victor, Aubrey and their cousin Toni each received a share of the estate. Most of the jewellery ended up with Aubrey, though he gave some items to Victor and Kathleen.
ID: C1225
2.3.Johann David
born: 1842
died: 1908/05/05
lived: ±66 years
ID: C123
Hester Magdalena Muller
died: 1887 Cape Town
married: 1864
Daughter of Ignatius Theodorus MULLER and Hester Magdalena MULLER born KRITZINGER. Died in her son-in-law's house 39 Roeland Street.
Magdalena Maria Beyers
married: 1885
Not the same person as his brother Hendrik 's wife Maria Magdalena Anna BEYERS due to two reasons: 1) The order of Hendrik's wife's names and her additional name 'Anna' and 2) Johan David 's death notice was signed by his wife as MM Leibbrandt in 1908, but MMA died in 1905. Remarkably the handwriting (signature) looks identical and all other factors, age etc, would tie in with given data. It is possible that they were sisters. Last child's name suggests that her mother's maiden name was DE LEEU
2.3.1.Sidney Albert Oliver
born: 1868
died: 1942
lived: ±74 years
A retired miner, and lived in Clackton Rd Kensington Johannesburg. Although he had two sons the 'line' dies out; both sons childless.
ID: C1231
Johanna Magrietha Nel
married: Christiana Transvaal David
born: 1908
died: 1919
lived: ±11 years
ID: C12311 Abraham
born: 1911
died: 1971/11/13
lived: ±60 years
A race horse trainer, lived at 92 Ronald Rd Durban.
ID: C12312
Maureen Walberger
Petronella Wesssels
No issue
2.3.2.John Percival Muller
born: 1871
died: 1923 Auckland Park, Johannesburg
lived: ±52 years
Worked a Okiep Copper mine northern Cape, where he met Jean Lily TOWNSEND. Moved to Cape Town where he was the manager of the South Arm Docks. Later moved to Johannesburg where he was a partner in Osch and Co. His first family would not accept the second wife, and they believed 'Percy' committed suicide due to his wife running up bad debts. Lived in 153a Quartz Street, Hillbrow. Died in a house in Richmond Ave. Buried with his first wife in Auckland Park cemetery.
ID: C1232

Jean Lily Townsend
born: 1875
died: 1917
lived: ±42 years
17th child of George Seaborn and Sara Payne TOWNSEND, died in the 'flu' epidemic of 1917

FlagGB Fred
born: 1895
died: 1975
lived: ±80 years
Mine Surveyor and very competent Mine Manager. Served in the Gunners 1914-1918 war, SW Africa and East Africa. Good musician with sometimes strange habits. Good marksman, Elephant hunter. Biography of ‘My Dad’ by [C123222] Douglas Paul (his nephew) gives a greater overview.
ID: C12321

Doris Pricilla Reid
divorced Val
born: 1928
died: 1990
lived: ±62 years
ID: C123211
Lorna Carter
born: 1951 Peter
born: 1952
ID: C1232111
Christine Vinjevold
married: 1976
born: 1954
ID: C1232112
John Liversage
married: 1987
born: 1959
ID: C1232113
Shirley Creighton
married: 1959 Victor
born: 1933
died: 1976
lived: ±43 years
Died as a bachelor.
ID: C123212
Mary Elizabeth Brerton Herbert
born: 1897
died: 1982
lived: ±85 years
A biography of Douglas is in the Pretoria Archives. An Electrical/Mechanical Engineer graduate of School of Mines, (before Wits University established), Chief Electrical Engineer S.A.R. 1939, responsible for a large section of Electric Train system in S.A.
ID: C12322

Violet Louisa "Vera" Patterson
born: 1891 Scotland
died: 1951
lived: ±60 years
married: 1923/06/30
Formerly JONES. Daughter of colonial James Joseph Benjamin Patterson and Winifred WOOD. First husband, (divorced, a Mr. Jones ) had three daughters, Forna a Nursing Sister and matron Baragwanath Hospital, Verdell married Hans WECHSLER, and Barbara married Hugh LITTLETON.

FlagSCO Sydney
born: 1924/09/09
died: 2014/10/04
lived: ±90 years
Doctor (M.B. B.Ch Wits), Farmer, Engineer, Philosopher. Resided in Swaziland.
ID: C123221

FlagSZ Swazi line Paul
born: 1927/03/31 Wynberg, CT
died: 2017/03/12 Howick, KZN
lived: ±90 years
MSc (cum laude) + PhD (Mechanical Engineering, University of Natal - Durban). Major compiler of this family tree.
ID: C123222

Personal history
Yvonne Mabel Kruger
born: 1929/08/02 Kinross, Transvaal
married: 1949/07/09
divorced: 1960
remarried: 1966/04/30
Daughter of Daniel Francois KRUGER born 1/11/1896 died 1952/04/21 (son of Jacobus Alwyn KRUGER 1873 died 1964) and Amy Louise Mabel VON ALBACH born 1903 died 1948.

Kruger family tree Douglas
born: 1950/07/17 Barberton
Photolithographer, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, residing in USA
ID: C1232221

Maureen Cubitt
born: 1952/08/22
divorced Paula
born: 1980/05/29 Durban
ID: C12322211 Douglas
born: 1984/05/25 Durban
ID: C12322212

Jenny Jacobson
born: 1964/01/06
ex-partner Gretchen
born: 1985/02/25 Durban
ID: C12322213

Barbara Paddon
born: 1956/06/01
Sally Wilcox
born: 1960/01/26

FlagUS Paul
born: 1997/08/12 Denver, CO, USA
ID: C12322214

FlagUS Yvonne
born: 2000/01/16 Denver, CO, USA
ID: C12322215

FlagUS Richard
born: 1952/02/02 Barberton
BSc., MSc. (University of Natal, Durban). Electrical Engineer, residing in Germany and USA.
ID: C1232222


FlagDE Paul
born: 1989/06/11 Karlsruhe, Germany
ID: C12322221

born: 1992/06/14 Karlsruhe, Germany
ID: C12322222

FlagDE John
born: 1953/10/08 Barberton
Motor mechanic. Residing in Australia.
ID: C1232223

Valerie Cheryl Walters
born: 1955/04/08 Scott
born: 1982/06/17 Durban
ID: C12322231 Ross
born: 1984/12/27 Durban
ID: C12322232 David
born: 1990/06/13 Durban
ID: C12322233 Colin
born: 1954/11/08 Barberton
BSc. (University of Natal, Durban), MBA. Mechanical Engineer.
ID: C1232224

Elize Van Huyssteen
born: 1957/06/09 Yvonne
born: 1984/11/30 Secunda
ID: C12322241
Gerhard Lindeque
married: 2012/11/30 Colin
born: 1987/12/16 Secunda
ID: C12322242 Elizabeth
born: 1993/01/11 Secunda
ID: C12322243 Allan
born: 1956/06/19 Barberton
B Comm. (Economics, University of Natal, Durban), Software Developer, artist, musician. Lived in South Africa, New Zealand and the UK. Mission in life is to live as wisely and healthily as possible. Webmaster for this site. Officially changed his surname to the shortened form "Brand" in 1995.
ID: C1232225

Leonie Strydom
born: 1949/04/21
married: 1979
divorced: 1982
B Chem. (Stellenbosch). Second husband Charles Hopper (also a Chemist), with one son Thomas.
born: 1980/08/30 Durban
Graphic artist and Web Developer.
ID: C12322251

Gordon Roberts
born: 1977/10/18
married: 8 July 2001
Sound Engineer. Three children: Daniel Joe *2000/06/21, Jesse Jon *2/12/2002 and Arthur James *2011/08/08

Pamela Phyllis Hopf
born: 1941/05/22
died: 2020/12/27 Durban
lived: ±79 years
married: 1960
divorced: 1965
Second husband Allan Hurst. Died of a heart attack following minor medical procedure in Westville Hospital. Philip
born: 1962/05/30 Durban
died: 2021/05/16 Durban
lived: ±59 years
Struggled throughout his life with brain injury at birth. Further brain injury from a traffic accident in 2010. Died of haemorrhage to the brain. Despite his hardships, remained of good humor and pleasant disposition throughout his life.
ID: C1232226 George David
born: 1899
died: 1968
lived: ±69 years
A CIS administrator of ESCOM. A very kind man, loved dogs; also researched the LEIBBRANDT family tree, with Agnes RISSIEK. Troubled by and died of psychosomatic asthma. His wife ran the house (and George).
ID: C12323

Martha Eleanor Gouldie
born: 1929
ID: C123231
Alexander Konstantin Von Memerty
born: 1931
died: 1995
lived: ±64 years
ID: C123232
Robin Norris
born: 1960/11/08
ID: C1232321
Terence Paul Denis Everson
married: 1980
David Paul (1987/03/12) Sara Jayne (1989/11/13)
born: 1963/03/11
ID: C1232322
Richard Jeremy Thomas
born: 1954
married: 1983
Steven (1985/04/12)
Robert Gordon Alexander Gardiner
married: 1991
Duncan Gordon, and Jeremy Raymond. Twins. (1992/08/12)
born: 1971/01/07
ID: C1232323
Marc Rudolf Kruger
Heather-Rose. (2/07/1993) Magdalena
born: 1900
ID: C12324

Cyril Geldart Blanche
born: 1902
died: 1948
lived: ±46 years
ID: C12325 Muller Payne
born: 1904
Biography Pretoria Archives. A Lawyer and Magistrate.
ID: C12326

Constance Grace Davies
born: 1911
married: 1933
of Welsh parents, a Lady of distinction Victor
born: 1934
successful businessman
ID: C123261

Beryl Bradfield
married: 1960
born: 1961
ID: C1232611
Herman Golach
married: 1991/04/07
They have three children: Taylor Leigh Golach born on the 16th January 1992, David Owen Golach on the 21st May 1993 and Alexandra Lynne Golach on the 10th November 1994
born: 1962
ID: C1232612
Peter Graham
married: 1982
Three children Lori Graham, Kelly Graham and Brett Peter Graham
born: 1964
ID: C1232613
Lauren Peck Victor
ID: C12326131
ID: C12326132
ID: C12326133 Jean
born: 1936
prominent teacher and administrator in Schooling
ID: C123262

Michael Stiles
married: 1959
Professor at Edmonton University. Living in Edmonton, Canada with 5 children; Jeanie, Janet, Michael, Sally and Roland (adopted) Hester
born: 1906
died: 1956
lived: ±50 years
ID: C12327

Ronald Sutherland Maxwell
born: 1910
died: 1910
ID: C12328 Maud "Billie"
born: 1911
ID: C12329

Edward Vernon Hulse
Dorothea Susanna Scheepers
born: 1888
died: 1981
lived: ±93 years
married: 1919 Meyer
born: 1920
ID: C1232A
Nance Catherine Jones
married: 1943
born: 1943
ID: C1232A1 John
born: 1948
ID: C1232A2
Susan Hardwick
married: 1971 Meyer
born: 1971
ID: C1232A21
Margaret McKendrick
married: 1976
born: 1979
ID: C1232A22 Ann
born: 1985
ID: C1232A23 Johanna
born: 1922
died: 1944
lived: ±22 years
ID: C1232B
2.3.3.Herbert Leopold Marquard
born: 1872
died: 1943/03/15
lived: ±71 years
A government Land Surveyor. A very hospitable man and also known as an educationalist. Had many land deals in partnership with his brother Sidney, and mostly to do with mining. Reputedly lost a fortune as a result of being cheated out of land rights by other parties. Much too kind-hearted, and his home was welcome to all friends and relations.
ID: C1233
Blanche Adeline Bantjes
born: 1877
died: 1952/02/22
lived: ±75 years
married: Klerksdorp Elize Maud
born: 1896
ID: C12331
William Henry Everard
born: 1895 Magdalena
born: 1898
ID: C12332
John H Mee
born: 1897 Tertia
born: 1900
ID: C12333
Patrick Dyer
born: 1889
Deputy sheriff of Pretoria. Two children from this marriage, Joe and Tertia.
born: 1902
ID: C12334
Ferdinand Berg
born: 1901
A Rugby Springbok
2.3.4.John David Fischer
born: 1874
died: 1914/04/02 Troyville Johannesburg
lived: ±40 years
A railway contractor. Died at 4 Wilhelmina St.
ID: C1234
Verginia Gertrude Storey Magdalena Rebecca
born: 1901
Moved to US of America as a young woman
ID: C12341 Eileen
born: 1903
died: 1956 Natal
lived: ±53 years
She and her husband Michiel were very active in their community; when Princess Alice of Greece visited South Africa in the 1930s, she stayed with them for a while. Violet wrote several books on spiritualism which are all still in the National Archive in Pretoria. They later moved from the Eastern Transvaal to Pretoria, and finally to Durban where Violet set up a centre for meditation and spiritualism in Essenwood Drive. They had one child, Michael John Lister Liebenberg, who was born in 1935 and died in 1997. This information was kindly provided by his daughter Louise Liebenberg, Assistant Editor of Weekend Post
ID: C12342

Michiel Liebenberg
A South African, he qualified at Edinburgh University and specialised in tropical diseases like malaria. He was based in the Nelspruit area, at one stage being the only doctor for the entire Kruger National Park and doing most of his calls on horseback. He was also credited in the 1930s for his work in the treatment of malaria in the Eastern Transvaal area, even having a street named after him in Nelspruit. Irene
born: 1905
ID: C12343 Blanche
born: 1911
died: 1956
lived: ±45 years
Married more than once, no details known as yet.
ID: C12344
2.3.5.Blanche Maud Magdalene
born: 1877
died: 1967
lived: ±90 years
ID: C1235
Van Der Riet
2.3.6.Lavinia Agnes Emerton
born: 1880
died: 1969
lived: ±89 years
ID: C1236
2.3.7.James Burchell
born: 1884
died: 1966/04/24
lived: ±82 years
Known as ' A gentleman and a very kind person'. Worked on the mines as a Reduction Works manager Geldenhuis deep and others. During the 1922 strike would not join the strikers, and was known as a 'scab', and when the violent mob came to look for him (probably to kill him), he hid under the bed with his son Gerald. Later in his declining years he assisted Gerald in the Durban View Hotel Durban as barman even though he was a teetotaller!
ID: C1237
Ellen Johanna Coetzee
born: 1887/06/11 Ceres Cape
died: 1976 Johannesburg
lived: ±89 years
married: Pietermaritzburg
Known as a kind and upright woman and a very good cook. Also helped in the Durban View Hotel as a Manager Housekeeper. The Hotel was known as a 'Family Hotel'. Henry
born: 1913/11/07
died: 1975/10/28
lived: ±62 years
Trained as an Electrician. Worked for the Rand Water Board, and later joined Henry LEPKE in a factory that became First Electric. He served for many years as Chief Inspector, and as First Electric was renowned for their products he must have been very efficient. During a visit to Cape Town he was set upon by some 'skollies' and injured badly. He never fully recovered and died in 1975 probably as a result of his injuries
ID: C12371
Ethel Victoria Barnet
born: 1937 Louise
born: 1944
ID: C123711 Alfred
born: 1915/03/31
died: 1991/08/24
lived: ±76 years
Ivan served in the mines as Chief Assayer and in fact it could be said he 'took over' his fathers job (James Burchell *1884 +1966). During the 1939-1945 war he served in the SAPPERS. Well renowned for bravery he was awarded the M.M. During the war he was seconded to Modderfontein Dynamite Works and was injured in an explosion. His right eye and face were injured, and the injury was repaired to some extent by the famous plastic surgeon Dr Jack Penn. He could still see to some degree from his injured eye.
ID: C12372
Lilian Short
born: 1939 Elaine
born: 1941
ID: C123721
Rodney Shipton James
born: 1943
ID: C123722 Charles
born: 1943
ID: C123723 Lawrence
born: 1918/05/10 Kensington Sanatorium,Johannesburg
Educated at Malvern Inter High. A choir boy at the Anglican Church. First job obtained with the help of cousin George [C12323] who worked for the E.S.C. The next employment was also with cousin George's help and was with the S.A. Permanent Building Society. During the war years Gerald joined firstly the Transvaal Scottish, where he had an embarrassing moment. In 1939-1945 one had to volunteer for service outside S A (the Red Tab). Just prior to the call for volunteers he had an accident with a drunk driver and had to wait for the case to be called. This, unfairly as was later shown, was labelled by the CO as unpatriotic. The case was called, Gerald was paid damages, and then he joined the I.L.H. with a Red Tab. Gerald like many Leibbrandts was an excellent marksman. He came back from serving in Egypt to Wits Command and in 1945 after demobilization worked for S A Perm again. Gerald and Marjorie managed (took over) the running of Durban View Hotel, for two years. This was the Hotel 'stage' as Gerald worked at Umhlanga Rocks hotel, then Sea Sands and back to Durban View. Many building projects were completed by Gerald on the Durban View, with great skill and ingenuity. In 1967 Gerald again joined the Perm, built two houses and then retired in 1983, to his and Marjorie's home at Chartwell Drive Umhlanga.
ID: C12373
Marjorie Surgeon
born: 1922
married: 1946/01/26 Burchell
born: 1946/12/06
Obtained a B.Sc. Geology degree / Agronomist.
ID: C123731
Penelope Isabel Holford
married: 1976 Lawrence
born: 1949
Obtained a B.A. Industrial psychology degree.
ID: C123732
Karyn Williams
married: 1991 Beth
born: 1955
ID: C123733
James Ralph
married: 1976
Gary David Pearson
married: 1985 Magdalene
born: 1920
ID: C12374
James Henderson Frew
married: 1942
2.3.8.Johanna De Leeu Beyers
ID: C1238
2.4.Johan Michael
born: 1846
died: 1925 Green Point, Cape Town
lived: ±79 years
Died at 12 Wigtown Rd, Green Point Cape Town as a retired gentleman. Left all his property to his sixth child Cathrine Susan, a sum of £633 pounds. Son George signed the death note.
ID: C124
Catharina Gertrude Fisher
died: 1921
2.4.1.Johann Michael Fischer
born: 1870
died: 1943 'Raymond' Rosmead Ave, Kenilworth
lived: ±73 years
Was an art collector and left valuable paintings in his will.
ID: C1241
Margaret Maria Le Roux Katharina Maria
born: 1892
ID: C12411
Von Bonde Petronella
born: 1894
ID: C12412
2.4.2.Gertruida Wilhelmina
born: 1871
ID: C1242
George Dell
Handwritten entry in family bible indicates marriage to George Horatio MELLIS. Could DELL be a misspelling / missreading?
2.4.3.Christoffel Coenraad
born: 1874
died: 1909
lived: ±35 years
ID: C1243
Winifred Kate Ritchie
No issue
2.4.4.Hendrik Albertus
born: 1876
died: 1897
lived: ±21 years
Member of the Staatsartillerie. Died just before the Anglo Boer War.
ID: C1244

born: 1878
ID: C1245
Martin Torstensen
2.4.6.Catharina Susanna
born: 1886
died: 1978
lived: ±92 years
ID: C1246
born: 1888
died: 1970/08/02
lived: ±82 years
ID: C1247
2.5.Adriana Hildagonda
born: 1850
died: 1906/05/01
lived: ±56 years
ID: C125
3.Johan George
born: 1805
ID: C13
4.Johan Sebastiaan
born: 1810
ID: C14
5.Franciscus Josephus
born: 1816
died: 1846/09/16
lived: ±30 years
ID: C15
Johanna Elizabeth Georgina Spengler
5.1.Johanna Elizabeth Agusta
born: 1839
ID: C151
5.2.Maria Francina
born: 1841
ID: C152
6.Maria Francina
born: 1818
ID: C16
Sievert Kirsten
7.Aletta Christina
born: 1823
died: 1865/08/16
lived: ±42 years
ID: C17
Evert Van Dyk
8.Johan Philip Joseph
born: 1822
This information was gleaned from a Jacobus Andreas number [C1814]. His letter gave only the date of the letter, and he also gave his age. Note how the 'family name' Johann Philip Joseph is used.
ID: C18
Huibrecht Bester
8.1.Johan Philip Joseph
born: 1863
ID: C181
Magdalena Johanna Catharina Slabber
8.1.1.Johann Philip Joseph
born: 1894
Brother Petrus Jacobus Sybrand [C1812] seems to have married his wife's sister (surname Biccard)
ID: C1811
Nellie Biccard
8.1.2.Petrus Jacobus Sybrand
born: 1896/11/03 Clanwilliam
died: 1983/05/13 Robari old age home
lived: ±87 years
Brother [C1811] Johann Philip Joseph seems to have married his wife's sister (surname Biccard)
ID: C1812
Anna Tobias Biccard Philip Joseph
born: 1921
ID: C18121 Michael
born: 1926
ID: C18122
Elizabeth Maureen Roux
born: 1934/06/08
died: 1982/03/23
lived: ±48 years
Note the information in file EMF 1934, File 5385/82 Pretoria. Father was John ROUX and her mother was Ann ROUX. Mother Ann was alive in 1982. Louise
born: 1959
ID: C181221 Jane
born: 1961/12/09
ID: C181222 Jacobus Sybrand
born: 1925
ID: C18123 Elizabeth
born: 1927
ID: C18124
8.1.3.Johann David
born: 1901/01/08
died: 1982/11/28 14 Diana Crescent, Sanddrift
lived: ±81 years
Death notice signed by J (Johanna , nee ROSSOUW ?) Leibbrandt. 19 Cassula Pinelands.
ID: C1813
Johanna Jacoba Rossouw
born: 1901/06/30
died: 1972/08/05
lived: ±71 years Philip Joseph
born: 1923
ID: C18131 Hendrik
born: 1935/06/11
died: 2010/10/18
lived: ±75 years
ID: C18132
Dawn Felicity Springthorpe Alice
born: 1967/01/26
ID: C181321
Children: Darren John : born 1994/01/09, Jarred Hennie : born 1999/06/03 Larissa
born: 1969/01/01
ID: C181322
van Schalkwyk
Children: Nathanael Martinho : born 2002/01/14 , Hannah: born 2006/08/21 Diane
born: 1972/09/06
ID: C181323
Children: Emily : born 2004/04/14, Abigail; born 2007/04/30 Debra
born: 1976/06/04
ID: C181324
Children: Kaitlin : born 2003/03/02 Johanna
born: 1927
ID: C18133
De Goede Johanna Catharina
born: 1929
ID: C18134
8.1.4.Jacobus Andreas
born: 1903
Letter from Jacobus stated some of the following. He worked for Nasionale Pers Bpk: for 50 years and retired at the age of 69. Competed in the 50 mile walk at the Cape, 5 times. Before the gathering of the prize giving committee he refused to accept his Gold medal as Leibbrandt was spelt with one 'B' !! ( True Leibbrandt tradition.) Lived at 42 Beaufort Street, Goodwood. Listed his family without any dates but from death notes dates were obtained.
ID: C1814
Sophia Christina Jacoba Ausserhoffer
born: 1910
died: 1967/03/01
lived: ±57 years
Father Fredrik Albrecht, and mother Dirkje Catharina AUSSERHOFFER. Johanna Catharina
born: 1930
ID: C18141
born: 1932
ID: C18142 Philip Joseph
born: 1934
ID: C18143 Albrecht Sadie
born: 1936
ID: C18144 Jacobus
born: 1938
ID: C18145 Hendricus Jacobus
born: 1940
ID: C18146 Catharina
born: 1942
ID: C18147
8.1.5.Maarten Slabber
born: 1905/04/27
died: 1977/06/11
lived: ±72 years
The line ends for this person with 3 daughters.
ID: C1815
Mathilda Meyer Kingon
born: 1906
died: 1983
lived: ±77 years
Known as 'May'. Father and mother were William John Edward and Sophia Elizabeth Brink KINGON born LOUW. Sophia Elizabeth
born: 1929
ID: C18151
De Villiers Johanna Catharina
born: 1931
ID: C18152
Atkinson Meyer
born: 1933
ID: C18153
8.1.6.Theunis Gerhardus
born: 1913/09/04
died: 1984/10/06
lived: ±71 years
ID: C1816
Johanna Barbara Smit
divorced: 1941 Philip Joseph
born: 1935
died: 1972 Oudtshoorn
lived: ±37 years
Was a clerk SAS and H Durban.
ID: C18161
Anna Maria Elizabeth Magdalena Steyn Catharina
born: 1960/04/24
ID: C181611
Le Roes Gerhardus
born: 1962/11/20
ID: C181612 Frederick
born: 1963/02/09
ID: C181613 Cornelia Barendina
born: 1964/04/19
ID: C181614
Smit Jacoba
born: 1937/07/13
died: 1984
lived: ±47 years
ID: C18162
Van Der Westhuizen
Children: Ronelle; born 1962 - now PENTZ, Karin; born 1964, Jacobus; born 1967/02/13 Johanna Catharina
born: 1939/06/13
ID: C18163
Children: Maria Cornelia; born 1968/01/01 - now VAN DER MERWE (daughters Anelia, Elisma), Elisma Pretorius (adopted); born 1975/08/05 - now LA GRANGE.
Maria Cornelia Smith
died: 1944/10/04 Anna Johanna
born: 1941
ID: C18164
Children: Yolandi; born 1973, Runette; born 1975, Theunis; born 1980 Gerhardus Slabber
born: 1955/05/05
ID: C18165
born: 1984
ID: C181651
born: 1986
ID: C181652 Barbara
born: 1956
ID: C18166
Children: Claude Raubenheimer - 1976, Nicole Raubenheimer - 1983/02/14
born: 1915
ID: C1817
Frans Jooste
born: 1917
ID: C1818
Andrew Smit
born: 1919
ID: C1819
Pieter Pienaar
Died in infancy
ID: C181A
9.Johann David
born: 1807
died: 1807
ID: C19
10.Johann Fredrick
born: 1811
died: 1811

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