Douglas Paul Leibbrandt's Coat Of Arms

South African Leibbrandt Family Tree

Descendants of D1

Conrad Friedrich Georg
born: 1780
died: 1849 Cape
lived: ±69 years
Father of the third line of Leibbrandts. Arrived in the Cape 1800.
ID: D1

FlagDE German Ancestor
born: 1790
died: 1849/08/03
lived: ±59 years
married: 1808
born: 1808
ID: D11
2.Johanna Barbara Fredrika
born: 1809
died: 1852/01/03
lived: ±43 years
ID: D12
Willem Hendrik Muir
3.Coenraad Hendrik
born: 1813
ID: D13
Maria Magdalena Lacock
3.1.Maria Magdalena
born: 1835
died: 1904/02/08
lived: ±69 years
ID: D131
Jacobus Wilhelmus Van Niekerk
3.2.Maynard Lacock
born: 1838
died: 1887/07/05 Grahamstown
lived: ±49 years
A Livery Stable owner in Grahamstown. Buried in Grahamstown Anglican cemetery No 31. The reason for stating that the first wife is unknown is that the death notice was signed by a stepson for the second wife Sara - Initials C H ( Coenraad Hendrik ) same as the grandfather!
ID: D132

3.2.1.Coenraad Hendrik
born: 1860
Lived in Grahamstown.
ID: D1321
Agnes Ann Jaques Lacock
born: 1887/11/12
died: 1963/10/23 Port Elizabeth
lived: ±76 years
This man was a printer by trade. He died of heart disease and diabetes.
ID: D13211
born: James
born: 1908/07/15
died: 1984/02/17
lived: ±76 years
Lived and died in Port Elizabeth. Myrthle Kathleen Buchanan was his landlady for 18 years
ID: D132111
Elizabeth Katrina Olivier
born: 1912
died: 1938
lived: ±26 years
married: 1930
divorced: 1945 Earnest
born: 1932/06/04
ID: D1321111
Ruth Shäefer
born: 1932
Lives in Florida, USA
born: 1957
Living in Florida, USA
ID: D13211111
born: 1961
Changed name to Lockhard, living in Scotland
ID: D13211112 Maynard
born: 1938/03/15
ID: D1321112
Dawn Ellen Mantle
born: 1942
died: 1992
lived: ±50 years
married: 1961 Graham
born: 1962/10/10
ID: D13211121 Anne
born: 1964/04/09
ID: D13211122 Ruth
born: 1970/09/10
ID: D13211123
Elize Katherine Portley
born: 1938/06/26
married: 1994/12/31
born: 1910
ID: D132112
Cornelia Petronella
born: 1890
died: 1921/01/26
lived: ±31 years
born: 1914
ID: D132113 Lacock
born: 1916
died: 1982
lived: ±66 years
Lived in Sesfontein Transvaal . See file 16118/82 Pretoria.
ID: D132114
Martha Maria Van Eyk Van Eyk
born: 1948
ID: D1321121 Fay
born: 1949
ID: D1321122
Koen Dhooge
Living in Johannesburg. Two children: 1) Andre Harold Dhooge, married Lara Erasmus (Living Maputo, Mozambique) had two children 1a) Caylum Andre Dhooge 10/06/2000 and 1b) Kayla Charlene Dhooge 20/10/2003 2) Ryan Dhooge, married Angen Smit (Living in Middelburg) and their two children 2b) Mia Smit (From Angen’s previous marriage) 2004, and 2a) Rupert Dhooge 2011
born: 1918
ID: D132115 Arthur
born: 1895 Grahamstown
died: 1913 35 Richmond Hill Port Elizabeth
lived: ±18 years
An apprentice lithographer. Died 18 years old.
ID: D13212 Graham
born: 1907
died: 1914 Port Elizabeth Hospital
lived: ±7 years
Lived at 10 Currie Street, Grahamstown. From this can be assumed that he lived at his parents home, as he was only 7 years old when he died. The death notice was signed by, (can not read the signature ) and shown as BROTHER-IN-LAW. Somewhere is there a SISTER? Or does it mean the brother-in-law to the father!
ID: D13213
Sara Calvert
4.Diedrik Andreas Dirk
born: 1814
died: 1865/06/24
lived: ±51 years
ID: D14
5.Johan Christoffel Carel
born: 1817 Doom Hoogte (Wynberg Flats)
died: 1894 Sir Lowry Road, Cape Town
lived: ±77 years
A grocer and a farmer. This line dies out as he only had daughters.
ID: D15
Maria Johanna Stiglingh
born: 1823
died: 1892
lived: ±69 years
5.1.Carolina Petronella
born: 1857
died: 1920/01/03
lived: ±63 years
ID: D151
John Christopher Von Eden
William Nisbet
5.2.Maria Johanna
born: 1860
ID: D152
5.3.Elizabeth Charlotte
born: 1863
died: 1903
lived: ±40 years
ID: D153
John William Stegman
children: Carl Johan Leibbrandt 11yrs, Pieter Ryk Le Seur 9yrs, Maria Johanna 7yrs, Matthys 5yrs,Fredrick 4yrs. Ages quoted when mother died. Married in Cape Town. Died at home 24 Fountain Rd, Fordsburg JHB
5.4.Christina Johanna
born: 1865
died: 1914
lived: ±49 years
ID: D154
Daniel David Van Der Merwe
6.Richard Joseph John
born: 1818
Lived in Clermont Cape. Daughter Maria KORSTEN signed the death note.
ID: D16
Maria Christina Mostert
born: 1822
died: 1890/04/24 house of a VAN DER POLL in Clermont
lived: ±68 years
Father was Jacobus and her mother Johanna MOSTERT
born: 1842
ID: D161
born: 1845
ID: D162
Helena Brooklyn
born: 1865 Malmesbury
died: 1918/05/29 Oakdale Bellvue
lived: ±53 years
A strange entry on the death notice: at the bottom, under the signature, the name 'Jacob' was written. The note was signed by the wife Elizabeth.
ID: D1621
Elizabeth Margaret Cornelius "Jacob"
born: 1893
died: 1942/05/19
lived: ±49 years
This man married a REX (British royal family). Was Guard on the SAR. Resided 31 Church St Goodwood, and 9 Gordon Road Observatory
ID: D16211
Muriel Amelia Rex Oseland
born: 1923/11/28
Another line of Leibbrandts comes to an end.
ID: D162111
Johanna Susanna De Robaix
born: 1926
died: 1969
lived: ±43 years
Mothers name was Martha Sophia DE ROBAIX. Lyn
born: 1957
ID: D1621111 Glenda
born: 1959
ID: D1621112 Edgar
born: 1925/07/25
ID: D162112 Stuart
born: 1927/11/23
ID: D162113 Leonard
born: 1937/10/30
ID: D162114
born: 1887
died: 1970/08/20
lived: ±83 years
ID: D16212
Johanna Maria
born: 1889 Sophia
born: 1897
ID: D16213
born: 1899
ID: D16214
born: 1855
ID: D163
6.4.Hendrik John "Johannes"
born: 1861/11/05
died: 1909/08/09 3 Hamman Road Clermont, Cape Town
lived: ±48 years
ID: D164
Fanny Kirsten
6.4.1.Richard Joseph John
born: 1883/05/05
died: 1955/09/02 Bredarsdorp
lived: ±72 years
ID: D1641

Cornelia Loock
born: 1879/01/19
died: 1918/10/11
lived: ±39 years
FP#109 John
born: 1902/07/07
ID: D16411 Fanny
born: 1904/07/01
ID: D16412 Cornelia
born: 1906/03/28
ID: D16413 Kathleen
born: 1909/06/16
ID: D16414
born: 1911/01/18
ID: D16415 Joseph
born: 1913/05/18
died: 1985/04/28
lived: ±72 years
ID: D16416
Anna Sophia Kruger
born: 1912/11/19
died: 1984/09/03
lived: ±72 years
FP#78 Jacob
born: 1934
ID: D164161 Cornelia
born: 1936
ID: D164162 Joseph
born: 1938
ID: D164163
born: 1940
ID: D164164
born: 1915/01/06
ID: D16417
born: 1917/08/19
ID: D16418
Philipina Catherina Bronn
born: 1887/02/10
died: 1956/08/23
lived: ±69 years
FP#110 Was married three times: Firstly to a Mr. Gouws (no known first name or children). Secondly to Frederick Jacobus Van der Bijl, with whom she had five children: Anna Johanna (Poppie) 1906, Frederick Jacobus 1908, Magdalene Christina Susanna 1910, Jacobus Johannes 1914, Barnard Jacobus 1915. She became a widow and the lastly married Richard Joseph John. Goodman
born: 1920/06/09
died: 1988 Botrivier
lived: ±68 years
ID: D16419
Susanna Magdalena "Blanie" Hamman
born: 1930/08/09
died: 1986/07/25
lived: ±56 years
Daughter of Barend Swart Hamman and Susanna Magdalena Hamman (s file 615/86 Cape) Bronn
born: 1962/07/16
ID: D164191
born: 1945
FP#49 Maree
born: 1955/08/28
ID: D164192
born: 1954
FP#44 Walter
born: 1922/11/23 Maitland Cape
died: 1981/11/15
lived: ±59 years
ID: D1641A
Laura De Bruyn
born: 1924
FP#84 John "Johnny"
born: 1944/05/30
died: 1997/02/27 Vanderbijlpark
lived: ±53 years
FP#47. His wife Lily wrote:

"[He was] a corporal in the Army when we met. He was a very humorous person and loved to tell jokes . He became an Officer (lieutenant), and did duty on the border. When he returned, he left the force. We were then staying in Pretoria .

He was exceptionally good in remembering names and dates. He would walk in the street, see someone, go up to them and say, "You are so-and-so; we were on a week training course in Lenz 5 years ago". The other person would then say "yes, this was long ago. How did you recognise or remember me?". He would reply, "I just know/remember a name".

He then did unusual jobs, such as selling vacuum cleaners in Potchefstroom , Servicing Singer sewing machines in Carletonville. Yes, he could sew, but was better at setting the thread tension to ensure an even stitch. He then became the Manager of a furniture store (Sales House) which became a clothing store. First in Kroonstad, transferred to Vereeninging, Vanderbijl and then to Klerksdorp.

He loved people and respected their point of view, but clearly stated his point of view.

Worked at the then Iscor Vanderbijlpark as detective in their security Department

After I think 19 years - he became ill and was boarded in November 96 and he died in Jan of 1997 as stated. My hubby was buried in Vanderbijlpark .

By me he will be remember as a fun-loving person who was a perfectionist in the calligraphy ( writing) & spelling area.

The 3 kids we have were loved by him, and he had installed a lot of good values in their lives.

His hobbies: loved woodwork and played tennis, although in the latter years he did not do any of the two."

ID: D1641A1

Catherina Hendrina Lily Knoetze
born: 1948/09/07
Never remarried. Living in Krugersdorp
born: 1970/12/07 Potchefstroom, North-West Province
ID: D1641A11

Mariska Johanna Barry
born: 1977/11/26 Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
married: 2005/09/29 Greensleeves, Krugersdorp
born: 2007/12/06 Pretoria, Gauteng
ID: D1641A111 Juanita
born: 1969/03/14 Pretoria, Gauteng
ID: D1641A12

Reichardt Benjamin Piek
born: Meyerton, Vaal Triangle
married: 1988
born: 1980/12/16 Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
ID: D1641A13

Rudolph Henery
They have a son: Ricardo
born: 1947/01/20
died: 1997/11/
lived: ±50 years
FP#48. She had four sons - Arno, Waldo, Jaques (deceased) and Marius Smit. Angerina, her husband and the 3rd son Jaques all died on the same day in November 1997 in an incident at her brother Willie's home.
ID: D1641A2
Jacobus Smit
born: 1945
died: 1997/11/
lived: ±52 years
FP#49 "Willie"
born: 1954/11/08
ID: D1641A3

Dina Celeste Otto
ID: D1641A31
ID: D1641A32 Celeste
ID: D1641A33 Catharina "Ina"
born: 1924/07/11 Cape Town
ID: D1641B

Dirk Conelius Petrus Bosch
born: 1920/02/14
died: 1980/09/20
lived: ±60 years
married: 1945/05/26
FP#86. Son of Johannes Hendrik Lourens Bosch and Hester Magdalena Bosch [de Vos]. They had two daughters, and assumed parenthood of another one: Philipina Catharina (Derina) Cilliers [Bosch] in 1946, Hester Johanna (Hetta) Lamprechts [Bosch] in 1948, Memory Shamtereck by fostering "Chappy"
born: 1926/05/23
died: 1973
lived: ±47 years
FP#87 Had two wives, both deceased.
ID: D1641C Johanna "Alice"
born: 1928/09/12
ID: D1641D
Johannes Petrus "Boetie" Rossouw
born: 1925/02/02
married: 1951/02/02
FP#89. They had two children: Phirina Johanna Van der Merwe [Rossouw] in 1955, Rocco Rossouw in 1957
born: 1930/12/28 Cape Town
died: 1982/03/07 Pretoria
lived: ±52 years
FP#90. Died of a heart attack.
ID: D1641E

Rachel Hansen
born: 1931/08/29 Worcester
married: 1953/11/28 Parow
FP#91. Daughter of Henry Martin Hansen and Anna Susanna Gertruida Hansen [Roux] Susanna Gertruida
born: 1955/06/08 Usakos
ID: D1641E1

Herman Bester
born: 1955/12/28
married: 1977/05/07 Pretoria
FP#61. four daughters: Shireen 1978, Denise 1980, Belinda 1981 and Ilse 1989
born: 1957/03/24 Pretoria
ID: D1641E2

Tina Logentberg
born: 1960/05/07
married: 1980/04/12 Rustenberg
born: 1981/03/17 Secunda
ID: D1641E21

born: 1981/07/22
married: 2006/03/11 Bronkhorstspruit
born: 2007 Secunda
ID: D1641E211ël
born: 2010 Secunda
ID: D1641E212
born: 1982/06/29 Secunda
ID: D1641E22
born: 1984
ID: D1641E23

Chris Meyer
born: 1981/08/06
married: 2003/12/20 Secunda
FP#28. Three children: Keira 2006, Tamar 2008, Jethro 2009
born: 1988
ID: D1641E24
born: 1959/07/27 Pretoria
ID: D1641E3

Ferdinand "Ferdie" Pieterse
born: 1959/11/22 Vereeneging
married: 1987/04/24 Pretoria
FP#65 (the author of that index). Son of Benjamin (Ben) Pieterse and Regina Catharina (Kitty) Pieterse [Van der Merwe]. They had four children: Anneke 1990, Reneé 1992, Ferdinand (Dinand) 1994, and Lindie 2000.
born: 1964/08/04 Pretoria
ID: D1641E4

Suzaan Du Preez
born: 1990
ID: D1641E41
born: 1992
ID: D1641E42

Maria Magdalena Johanna Petronella "Miemie" Germishuys
born: 1901/08/10
died: 1984/04/08
lived: ±83 years
married: 1952
File no: 3036/84 Cape. FP#111. Their marriage was delayed pending his divorce from his second wife which took many years, at which stage their eldest son Joseph was already in high school. Peter
born: 1938/05/10 Bredarsdorp
died: 2006
lived: ±68 years
ID: D1641F
Elize Marais
ID: D1641F1
Kevin Schultz
FP#69. Two daughters: Naomi and Rebekka John "Robbie"
born: 1945/01/31 Bredarsdorp
ID: D1641G

Michelle Le Roux
born: 1985/12/26
ID: D1641G1 Sarah
born: 1988/11/29
ID: D1641G2

born: 1884
ID: D1642
6.4.3.John Henry Fredrick "Freddy"
born: 1886
died: 1926/09/13
lived: ±40 years
Lived at 6 Smith Square Woodstock.
ID: D1643
Ann Alice Maria Mc Leary George Henry
born: 1911
ID: D16431
born: 1912
ID: D16432
Viljoen Thelma
born: 1914
ID: D16433 Michael
born: 1916
ID: D16434 Bridget
born: 1918
ID: D16435
Van Niekerk
born: 1887
ID: D1644
6.4.5.William Walter
born: 1889
File number 4338/70. Cape.
ID: D1645
Maria Sophia
born: 1895/01/21
died: 1970/07/23
lived: ±75 years Christiaan
born: 1915
ID: D16451 Gwendoline
born: 1917
ID: D16452 Harold
born: 1921
ID: D16453
6.4.6.Jacobus Henry
born: 1892
ID: D1646
6.4.7.Peter George
born: 1896
ID: D1647
Clara Wunderlich
born: 1862
ID: D165
7.Johan David George
born: 1820
ID: D17
Maria Carolina
7.1.Fredrick Coenraad
born: 1851
died: 1922 Bethlehem
lived: ±71 years
This man was probably a farmer as died at 'the inloop district' of Bethlehem. Dated at Reitz 1922. The death notice is confusing as wife Francina was probably a SWARTZ.
ID: D171
Francina Jacoba Swartz
born: 1868
died: 1898/02/16
lived: ±30 years
Formerly Mostert?
Petronella Sebella Visser
7.1.1.Helena Johanna Maria
born: 1894
ID: D1711
Hendrik Johannes Van Der Watt
born: 1892
died: 1919/05/27
lived: ±27 years
Father:Alexander VAN DER WATT. *c1862 Mother:Susanna Johanna Maria VAN DER WATT. *c1864.
7.1.2.Johann David "John"
born: 1893
ID: D1712
Olive Mary Brooks Brooks
born: 1923/05/01 Wankie, Zimbabwe
died: 1986/05/24
lived: ±63 years
Retired Zimbabwean
ID: D17122

Iris Joan Ledgerton
born: 1919/12/04 Victor
born: 1945/05/27
ID: D171221 Anne
born: 1947/01/03
ID: D171222
Goosen David
born: 1949/05/04
ID: D171223
7.1.3.Francois Jacobus "Frank"
born: 1895/08/30
died: 1983/01/12
lived: ±88 years
ID: D1713
Anna Susanna Deboretha Janse Van Rensburg
born: 1898/04/19
died: 1971/04/17
lived: ±73 years Berndina
born: 1921
1. Daughter Antoinette Mulder (Vos) born 1956 and married to Jacobus (Kobus) Johannes Mulder. Two children, Bernadette born 1978 (married to Mario van der Walt) and Pieter Francois born 1983. Bernadette had a son by Org Landsberg - Cobus Michael born 1995 and a daughter by Mario van der Walt - Ashleigh Belinda born 2003. 2. (Son) Gerhard Vos born 1962 married to Alet C (Theron) Vos. Married April 1985 and have two children : Gerhard Anton Vos born 1987 and daughter Carina Alet Vos born 1990.
ID: D17131
born: 1919 Francina
born: 1923
ID: D17132
born: 1921
born: 1921 Coenraad
born: 1924
ID: D17133
born: 1950
ID: D171331
born: 1952
ID: D171332
born: 1954
ID: D171333
born: 1956
ID: D171334
born: 1929
ID: D17134 Johan
born: 1931
ID: D17135
born: 1962/01/09
ID: D171351
Bridget Naudé
born: 1965/04/28 Johan
born: 1991/06/14
ID: D1713511é
born: 1998/06/15
ID: D1713512
born: 1967
ID: D171352
Herbst Jacobus
born: 1931
ID: D17136 Oosthuizen
born: 1933
ID: D17137
7.2.Jacob Johann Hendrik
born: 1868
died: 1942 17 De Mist Street Pretoria
lived: ±74 years
Jacob was 66 years old when his last child was born. Similarly his father was 43 when Jacob was born.
ID: D172
Anna Christina Elizabeth Schnijmann
7.2.1.Johann David Gottfreid
born: 1923
died: 1990
lived: ±67 years
The death notice 7213/90 Cape was confusing and the information may not be correct.
ID: D1721
Emma Susan Jane Van Lelyveld
born: 1920
died: 1974
lived: ±54 years Elizabeth
born: 1944
ID: D17211
Johanna Carolina Du Toit
7.2.2.Susarah Susanna
born: 1925
ID: D1722
7.2.3.Maria Elizabeth
born: 1927
ID: D1723
7.2.4.Johann Jacob Hendrik
born: 1932
ID: D1724
7.2.5.Cornelius Johannes
born: 1934
ID: D1725

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