Douglas Paul Leibbrandt's Coat Of Arms

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Leibbrandt Coat Of Arms

Leibbrandt Coat Of Arms

This coat of arms was designed by Douglas "Paul" Leibbrandt, with all Leibbrandts in mind. Legally, only the owner and his offspring are entitled to use the coat of arms, but as the legal owner he has no objection to anyone born with the surname Leibbrandt using this coat of arms.

Liutprand, King of Lombardy (712-744 CE) has a name that meant 'burning sword'. According to ledgend warriors would dip their swords in pitch and set it on fire to intimidate their enemies in battle. The name is also sometimes mis-spelled as 'Luitprand'. Although there is no hard evidence, Paul suspects Liutprand to be the origin of the name Leibbrandt. In Liutprand's honour burns the sword at the center of the crest.

The two lions either side of the sword are the Bavarian lions, popular in heraldry from that area. Note the left-hand lion has two tails (or 'double-queued' in heraldic terms). The third winged and haloed lion above the helm is in honour of Liutprand, Bishop of Cremona.

The motto 'Ingenuitas' is Latin for ingenuity. Most Leibbrandts seem to have this quality in abundance.

This Coat Of Arms was registered with the State Herald, Bureau Of Heraldry, South Africa in 1991.

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