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South African Leibbrandt Family Tree

Descendants of C123222

Douglas Paul
born: 1927/03/31 Wynberg, CT
died: 2017/03/12 Howick, KZN
lived: ±90 years
MSc (cum laude) + PhD (Mechanical Engineering, University of Natal - Durban). Major compiler of this family tree.
ID: C123222

Personal history


Yvonne Mabel Kruger
born: 1929/08/02 Kinross, Transvaal
married: 1949/07/09
divorced: 1960
remarried: 1966/04/30
Daughter of Daniel Francois KRUGER born 1/11/1896 died 1952/04/21 (son of Jacobus Alwyn KRUGER 1873 died 1964) and Amy Louise Mabel VON ALBACH born 1903 died 1948.

Kruger family tree
1.Bruce Douglas
born: 1950/07/17 Barberton
Photolithographer, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, residing in USA
ID: C1232221

Maureen Cubitt
born: 1952/08/22
1.1.Lauren Paula
born: 1980/05/29 Durban
ID: C12322211

1.2.Stuart Douglas
born: 1984/05/25 Durban
ID: C12322212

Jenny Jacobson
born: 1964/01/06
1.1.Samantha Gretchen
born: 1985/02/25 Durban
ID: C12322213

Barbara Paddon
born: 1956/06/01
Sally Wilcox
born: 1960/01/26

1.1.Reed Paul
born: 1997/08/12 Denver, CO, USA
ID: C12322214

1.2.Molly Yvonne
born: 2000/01/16 Denver, CO, USA
ID: C12322215

2.Steven Richard
born: 1952/02/02 Barberton
BSc., MSc. (University of Natal, Durban). Electrical Engineer, residing in Germany and USA.
ID: C1232222

Uli Metz
born: 1954/02/08 Germany

2.1.Vincent Paul
born: 1989/06/11 Karlsruhe, Germany
ID: C12322221

2.2.Sandra Katherin
born: 1992/06/14 Karlsruhe, Germany
ID: C12322222

3.David John
born: 1953/10/08 Barberton
Motor mechanic. Residing in Australia.
ID: C1232223

Valerie Cheryl Walters
born: 1955/04/08

3.1.Nicholas Scott
born: 1982/06/17 Durban
ID: C12322231
3.2.Christopher Ross
born: 1984/12/27 Durban
ID: C12322232
3.3.Justin David
born: 1990/06/13 Durban
ID: C12322233
4.Gary Colin
born: 1954/11/08 Barberton
BSc. (University of Natal, Durban), MBA. Mechanical Engineer.
ID: C1232224

Elize Van Huyssteen
born: 1957/06/09

4.1.Esti Yvonne
born: 1984/11/30 Secunda
ID: C12322241
Gerhard Lindeque
married: 2012/11/30
4.2.Johnathan Colin
born: 1987/12/16 Secunda
ID: C12322242
4.3.Amy Elizabeth
born: 1993/01/11 Secunda
ID: C12322243
5.Peter Allan
born: 1956/06/19 Barberton
B Comm. (Economics, University of Natal, Durban), Software Developer, artist, musician. Lived in South Africa, New Zealand and the UK. Mission in life is to live as wisely and healthily as possible. Webmaster for this site. Officially changed his surname to the shortened form "Brand" in 1995.
ID: C1232225

Leonie Strydom
born: 1949/04/21
married: 1979
divorced: 1982

born: 1980/08/30 Durban
ID: C12322251

Gordon Roberts
born: 1977/10/18
married: 8 July 2001
Three children: Daniel Joe *2000/06/21, Jesse Jon *2/12/2002 and Arthur James *2011/08/08

Pamela Phyllis Hopf
born: 1941/05/22
married: 1960
divorced: 1965

1.Shaun Philip
born: 1962/05/30 Durban
ID: C1232226

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