Douglas Paul Leibbrandt's Coat Of Arms

South African Leibbrandt Family Tree

Descendants of G0

born: 1542 Germany
died: 1562
lived: ±20 years
First Leibbrandt on record.
ID: G0
married: 1560
born: 1562 Germany, Leonberg
died: 1634/10/24
lived: ±72 years
Died age 72, only five days after his wife died
ID: G1
born: 1574
died: 1634/10/19
lived: ±60 years
born: 1595 Germany, Leonberg
died: 1670/02/14
lived: ±75 years
ID: G2
Anna Barbara Eck
married: 1622/12/03
born: 1625
died: 1690 Leonberg
lived: ±65 years
ID: G3
Anna Magdalena Gaisser
born: 1618/03/30
died: 1674/11/21
lived: ±56 years
married: 1650/06/27

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