Douglas Paul Leibbrandt's Coat Of Arms

South African Leibbrandt Family Tree

Descendants of S12

Constance Scholastica "Connie"
born: 1948/08/26 Mbabane, Swaziland
died: 1988/06/20 Paris, France
lived: ±40 years
Left Swaziland to work in Washington DC as the secretary of the Swazi ambassador, than settled in Paris where she worked for UNESCO as a bilingual secretary for the budget department.
ID: S12


1.Alexia Kellina
born: 1974/09/15 Paris, France
Graphic Facilitator & Illustrator. Studied at La Sorbonne Nouvelle. Lives in Paris, France
ID: S121

Sebastien Poulet-Goffard
born: 1975/08/11 Paris, France
Two children: sons Sacha Leibbrandt Poulet-Goffard (11.12.2007 born in Paris) and Léo Leibbrandt Poulet-Goffard (06.05.2009 born in Paris)

Alain Sexe
born: 1947/08/21
Sales Manager. One son - Ashley Cornil Sexe (born 1981/12/19 in Vincennes, next to Paris - France). Ashley is also a sales manager and is married (july 2012) to Manon SEXE (born Manon Leveque Di Bello - 27 décembre 1985 - she is restaurant manager). They live in Amiens, France, and they just have had their first child/boy : Alan Cornil SEXE, born 17.03 2013 in Amiens - France.

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