Douglas Paul Leibbrandt's Coat Of Arms

South African Leibbrandt Family Tree

Descendants of A5

Johann Sebastiaan
born: 1793/10/23
died: 1855/06/02
lived: ±62 years
A wine merchant in Cape Town. Johann Sebastiaan 's home called 'Mimosas' was situated behind the 'Leeuwenhof' near the old 'Societeitshuis' bounded by St Johns, Church, and Kloof Roads.
ID: A5


Alida Johanna Fischer
born: 1796
died: 1869/03/01
lived: ±73 years
married: 1814
1.Catharina Susanna
born: 1815/09/02
A bailiff and messenger of the court for Caledon River District.
ID: A51
J H Vos
W J Van Der Ven
died: 1869/03/01
married: 1857/11/24
2.Carolina Maria
born: 1816/11/21
ID: A52
3.Johann Sebastiaan
born: 1820/01/06
died: 1842/04/24
lived: ±22 years
Died at 31 Leeuwenhof.
ID: A53

4.Pieter Ulrich
born: 1821
died: 1878/06/09 Cape Town
lived: ±57 years
A wine merchant in Cape Town. Resided and died at 65 Beir(?) Street. A wealthy man, died with a large estate both 'movable and immovable'. Mayor of Cape Town 1875-1876
ID: A54

Elisabeth Maria Fredrika Tromp
4.1.Maria Wilhelmina
born: 1844
ID: A541
4.2.Alida Johanna
born: 1846
ID: A542
John Saunders
4.3.Johannes Tromp
born: 1848
died: 1868
lived: ±20 years
ID: A543
4.4.Elisabeth Maria
born: 1850
ID: A544
Anna Maria Davina De Waal
born: 1833
died: 1899
lived: ±66 years

4.1.David Johannes de Vaal
born: 1858 Cape Town
died: 1891/11/18 Cape Town
lived: ±33 years
A wine and spirit merchant. Died young (33 yrs). Resided at Hill Road Green Point, Cape Town.
ID: A545
Josina Christina Lindenberg
died: 1938
4.1.1.Elm Susanne
born: 1880
ID: A5451
Claude Johnson
born: 1878
4.1.2.Anna Linda
born: 1882
ID: A5452
Christiaan Hendrik Bösenberg
born: 1880
4.1.3.Suisette Ulria
born: 1884
ID: A5453
Sidney Scarrell Cape
born: 1882
4.1.4.Gitilda Leonie
born: 1886
ID: A5454
4.1.5.Hubert Pieter de Vaal
born: 1888
died: 1956 Pretoria
lived: ±68 years
Hubert died at 533 Jorrison Street Sunnyside Pretoria, age 68yrs and 8months.
ID: A5455
Daphne Thekla Idolla De Villiers
born: 1890
died: 1960
lived: ±70 years
married: Pretoria
4.1.6.Roswald de Vaal
born: 1890
ID: A5456
Alida Linnenkamp
4.2.Elisabeth Margaret
born: 1860
ID: A546
Thomas M Crowe
4.3.Johann Sebastiaan
born: 1862
died: 1891
lived: ±29 years
ID: A547
Emily Anne Boraine
born: 1863
died: 1926
lived: ±63 years
4.3.1.Johann Sebastiaan
born: 1884
died: 1901
lived: ±17 years
ID: A5471
born: 1885
died: 1962
lived: ±77 years
ID: A5472
Emmerline Hesketh
married: 1896
4.3.3.Pieter Ulrich
born: 1886
died: 1918 France
lived: ±32 years
Died in the 1914 - 1918 war in France. A letter to Mrs. E Leibbrandt P 0 Box666, Cape Town informing her that her husband No.14903 Pieter Ulrich 2/SAI had been killed, is in the Bloemfontein archives.
ID: A5473
Evelyn Wilson
born: 1887
died: 1888
lived: ±1 years
ID: A5474a
born: 1887
died: 1888
lived: ±1 years
ID: A5474b
born: 1889
died: 1931
lived: ±42 years
ID: A5475
Doris Ventone Wright
4.3.7.Daphne Boraine
born: 1890
ID: A5476
Bertie Leonard Teague
born: 1891
died: 1952 Harrismith OFS
lived: ±61 years
Allen was a wholesale stores manager.
ID: A5477
Susan Muriel Louw
born: 1858
died: 1943
lived: ±85 years
Father Isaac Johannes Jacobus LOUW died at the age of 98 (a farmer). Mother was Sophia McLeish
4.4.Pieter Ulrich
born: 1864
died: 1934/06/02 Pretoria
lived: ±70 years
A civil servant in the deeds office. Applied for citizens papers of the Transvaal 20 Nov. 1894. Death notice signed by his daughter A C RUSH. Died at home 'Chantihly' 30 Minni Street Arcadia.
ID: A548
Pearly Eugenie Bataillou
married: 1901/09/26 Cape Town
4.4.1.Lucelle Marais
born: 1890
died: 1932
lived: ±42 years
ID: A5481
Ian Reginald Vermoten
4.4.2.Anna Celeste
born: 1900
ID: A5482
James Duncan C Archibald
died: 1927
William Rolande Gerrard Rush
4.4.3.Valerie Marais
born: 1910
ID: A5483
Wilfred Couch Beale
born: 1886
died: 1941/02/08
lived: ±55 years
Father:George BEALE. *c1856 Mother:Mary Ann BEALE. *c1858. Children: George Abraham Spurner *c1928, Ernest Duqmore *c1930, Violet Gertrude *c1932, Stella Mary *c1934. Lived at 1069 Church St, Pretoria
born: 1915
ID: A5484
Rex Brink
4.4.5.Pieter Ulrich
born: 1918/02/20
ID: A5485
Elaine Louise Broli
4.5.Anna Maria Davina
born: 1865
ID: A549
Thomas Edward Lawton
4.6.Maria Magdalena Wilhelmina
born: 1867
died: 1947
lived: ±80 years
ID: A54A
Johan Friedrich Bernhard Rissik
born: 1857
died: 1925
lived: ±68 years
4.7.Johannes Hendricus
born: 1869
died: 1943
lived: ±74 years
ID: A54B
Martha Elizabeth Minaar
born: 1868
died: 1942
lived: ±74 years
4.7.1.Martha Elizabeth
born: 1891
ID: A54B1
Jacob Casper Smit
4.7.2.Anna Davina de Waal
born: 1895
ID: A54B2
Henry Schaper
4.7.3.Johannes Hendricus
born: 1905/02/02
died: 1989/02/24 Parrow, Cape Town
lived: ±84 years
ID: A54B3
Gertruida Sophia Johanna Carstens
Death notice signed by lawyers Smit Kruger and Potgieter.
4.8.Johanna Alida
born: 1870
died: 1942
lived: ±72 years
ID: A54C
Philip Albertus Myberg
died: 1939
4.9.Bertha Hendritte
born: 1875
died: 1901
lived: ±26 years
ID: A54D
5.Johannes "Baasie"
born: 1823/08/02
died: 1875/12/29
lived: ±52 years
Wine merchant. Director of Tramway Co. Lived at Sea Point and known as man-about-town. Inherited his mothers home 'Mimosas'. Bought land on western corner of Sea Point bulge, where the Aquarium now stands. Kept a boat in Bosenberg bay manned by Malay crew. Known as 'Governor of Sea Point'. Mentioned in the book ‘Under the Lion’s Head’ by M Murray. Also in the same book, his mother Alida.
ID: A55

Johanna Bresler

5.1.Johan Sebastian
born: 1850
died: 1879/06/30
lived: ±29 years
A wine merchant. Died at his residence Loop Street Cape Town.
ID: A551
Margaret Elizabeth
5.1.1.Johannes "John"
born: 1875/02/01 Cape Town
died: 1938/04/11
lived: ±63 years
John moved to Kenya, Kikuyu Road Nairobi, Ukamba. He was registered as a British subject.
ID: A5511
Constance Mary Pilgran
born: 1877
ID: A5512
5.2.Sussanna Francina
born: 1852/07
died: 1917/10/29
lived: ±65 years
ID: A552
John Noble
born: 1897
5.3.Alida Johanna Sebastina
born: 1855
ID: A553
5.4.Christoffel Johannes
born: 1858
died: 1919/08/22 Cape Town
lived: ±61 years
Bank Manager, Ambassador, Justice of the Peace at Robertson. Appointed by the Right Honourable Sir H G R Robinson Governor of the Cape, date 12th Feb 1885. Sent as ambassador to London with an official document from the Earl of Salisbury, also to travel on the continent. Date 15th July 1885. Died in his home 'Arnhem' 8 Hofmeyr Street Cape Town.
ID: A554

Louisa Ellen Addison
5.4.1.Sara Brand
born: 1889
ID: A5541

Rupert Smidt
5.4.2.Johanna Annie Augusta
born: 1891
ID: A5542

William C Meyer
5.4.3.Grace Alice Addison
born: 1893
ID: A5543

Andrew E Meyer
5.4.4.John Romaine Addison
born: 1895/08/21
died: 1983/06/06
lived: ±88 years
A lawyer, Magistrate and Attorney.
ID: A5544

Personal History
Mary Stiven Wilson
formerly POPE

5.5.Johanna Cornelia Jacoba
born: 1860/01/22
died: 1892/10/05
lived: ±32 years
ID: A555
Robert Coenraad Nelson
born: 1858
6.Rykje Christina
born: 1827/06/20
ID: A56
7.George Christiaan
born: 1835/03/07
ID: A57
8.Hendrik Carel Vos
born: 1837
died: 1911/01/01
lived: ±74 years
Lived in home called 'Leonberg'. Theologian, Archivist (established Cape Archives).
ID: A58

Short history of HCV
Sara Aletta Sinclair
born: 1839
married: 1860

8.1.Johann Sebastiaan
born: 1860
ID: A581
Sophia Maria Schickerling
married: 1888
8.1.1.Hendrik Carel Vos
born: 1885
ID: A5811

8.1.2.John Hendrik Schickerling Vos "Jacob"
born: 1890
died: 1951
lived: ±61 years
ID: A5812
Johanna Elizabeth
born: 1891
died: 1930
lived: ±39 years
8.1.3.Helina Hilda
born: 1895
died: 1965
lived: ±70 years
ID: A5813
8.1.4.Alida Aletta Vos
born: 1898/05/25
ID: A5814
8.1.5.Johannes Sebastiaan Vos
born: 1900/06/07
died: 1982/11/04
lived: ±82 years
ID: A5815
Florence May Osler
born: 1907/09/17
died: 1963/03/14
lived: ±56 years
formerly RHEEDERS
8.2.Thomas George St Clair
born: 1862/06/07
died: 1862/12/04
ID: A582
8.3.Hendrik Carel Vos
born: 1863/10/28
died: 1863/11/29
ID: A583
8.4.Maria Magdalena Catharina
born: 1865/03/26
ID: A584
Marthinus Versfeldt
married: 1896
8.5.Alida Johanna
born: 1868/03/27
died: 1880/12/31
lived: ±12 years
ID: A585
John Howitson Wigget
married: 1889
8.6.Johannes Hendrik Vos
born: 1869
died: 1903/06/22 Grahamstown
lived: ±34 years
Died at Thompson Street. Buried in Grahamstown cemetery, Anglican number 38.
ID: A586
Catharina Magdalena Freislich
8.6.1.Frank Ernest Alban
born: 1902
died: 1978 Rondebosch
lived: ±76 years
Lived at 8 Lovers Walk. Note the Leibbrandt name dies out at this point as only daughters were born.
ID: A5861
Dorothy Mabel Viney
8.7.Pieter Paul Willem Jacob
born: 1871/10/25
Named on his fathers death notice as "Peter Paul William James", but in the family bible he is named as above. His grandson Antony Errol has the bible.
ID: A587

Emily Zinn
born: 1873

8.7.1.Enid Eileen
born: 1897
ID: A5871
8.7.2.Roberts Baden
born: 1900
died: 1982
lived: ±82 years
Due to remarks on his wife's death notice, this family was traced to the H C V line.
ID: A5872
Catherine Elizabeth Truter
born: 1905 Beaufort West
died: 1982 Pinelands
lived: ±77 years
8.7.3.St Clair Royden
born: 1903
died: 1975
lived: ±72 years
ID: A5873

Myrtle Dorothy Florence Mc Kay
born: 1910

8.7.4.Cedric Christian Carel Rudolph
born: 1910
Lived in P E. Cottage W4, Buffelsfontein Centre
ID: A5874
Catharina Charlotte Alida Mostert
born: 1906/07/14 Cape Town
died: 1990/08/22
lived: ±84 years
8.7.5.Lionel Herrmann Victor
born: 1913/06/11 CT
died: 1992/02/16 CT
lived: ±79 years
ID: A5875

Wilhemina Steenkamp Van Wyk
born: 1921/03/03 Calvinia
died: 2001 Cape Town
lived: ±80 years
married: 1941/04/25 Mariental

8.8.Sara Aletta Cecilia
born: 1873/06/13
died: 1877/07/08
lived: ±4 years
ID: A588
8.9.Mathilda Charlotte Marriott
born: 1875/01/13
ID: A589
Pieter Gerhard Van Breda
married: 1896
8.10.Henrietta Alberta Fredrica
born: 1876/10/04
ID: A58A
William Burton
married: 1901
8.11.Cecil Henry St Clair
born: 1879/04/25
died: 1880/07/21
lived: ±1 years
ID: A58B
8.12.Albert Henry
born: 1881/07/07
died: 1944/06/30 Cape Town
lived: ±63 years
Died at Kenthurst, Banksia Rd. Rosebank . Attended school SACKS College Cape Town. A soldier in the Cape Town Highlanders, Anglo-Boer war. He played the bagpipes, and the Violin. He ran the Municipal Wash House in Hanover Street, district 6 Cape Town. He and his wife were renowned for their kindness as they befriended many young people in all sorts of trouble and cared for them in their home.
ID: A58C
Helena Cecilia Von Domarus
married: 1903
8.12.1.Cecil St Clair
born: 1902
ID: A58C1
8.12.2.William Albert
born: 1904
Worked as a hospital pharmacist at AECI Cape. A Mason at the Somerset West Lodge, and was chairman twice. A member of the Strand Methodist Church, and sang in the Choir. A piper in the Cape Town Highlanders when he was young.
ID: A58C2

Catharina Elizabeth Ferreira
born: 1906 Humansdorp
died: 1959/10/19
lived: ±53 years
Father was John (Johannes ) FERREIRA and her mother Embrenzie FERREIRA of Rooivlakte P 0 Hankey Cape Town.
Ephnie Alexander
formerly ROGERS
8.12.3.Olga Marie
born: 1906
ID: A58C3
8.12.4.Eileen Louise
born: 1908
ID: A58C4

Johann Christiaan Pentz
married: 1931

Andrew Smit
married: 1972

8.12.5.Mary Ruth PONTER
born: 1920
(adopted )
ID: A58C5
Bertram Berman

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