Douglas Paul Leibbrandt's Coat Of Arms

South African Leibbrandt Family Tree

Descendants of A554

Christoffel Johannes
born: 1858
died: 1919/08/22 Cape Town
lived: ±61 years
Bank Manager, Ambassador, Justice of the Peace at Robertson. Appointed by the Right Honourable Sir H G R Robinson Governor of the Cape, date 12th Feb 1885. Sent as ambassador to London with an official document from the Earl of Salisbury, also to travel on the continent. Date 15th July 1885. Died in his home 'Arnhem' 8 Hofmeyr Street Cape Town.
ID: A554


Louisa Ellen Addison
1.Sara Brand
born: 1889
ID: A5541

Rupert Smidt
2.Johanna Annie Augusta
born: 1891
ID: A5542

William C Meyer
3.Grace Alice Addison
born: 1893
ID: A5543

Andrew E Meyer
4.John Romaine Addison
born: 1895/08/21
died: 1983/06/06
lived: ±88 years
A lawyer, Magistrate and Attorney.
ID: A5544

Personal History
Mary Stiven Wilson
formerly POPE

4.1.John Romaine Addison
born: 1941
died: 1964
lived: ±23 years
Note: this line of Leibbrandts dies out at this point as he died a bachelor.
ID: A55441

4.2.Margaret Louisa Addison
born: 1942
ID: A55442

4.3.Cathrine Anne Addison
born: 1946
ID: A55443

Peter Brian Brooke-Thompson
from this union one child Louisa Jane *1974
Lothar Herbert Heinrich Frenkel
from this union one child Amelia Thea *1986

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