Douglas Paul Leibbrandt's Coat Of Arms

South African Leibbrandt Family Tree

Descendants of D16

Richard Joseph John
born: 1818
Lived in Clermont Cape. Daughter Maria KORSTEN signed the death note.
ID: D16


Maria Christina Mostert
born: 1822
died: 1890/04/24 house of a VAN DER POLL in Clermont
lived: ±68 years
Father was Jacobus and her mother Johanna MOSTERT
born: 1842
ID: D161
born: 1845
ID: D162
Helena Brooklyn
born: 1865 Malmesbury
died: 1918/05/29 Oakdale Bellvue
lived: ±53 years
A strange entry on the death notice: at the bottom, under the signature, the name 'Jacob' was written. The note was signed by the wife Elizabeth.
ID: D1621
Elizabeth Margaret
2.1.1.Jacobus Cornelius "Jacob"
born: 1893
died: 1942/05/19
lived: ±49 years
This man married a REX (British royal family). Was Guard on the SAR. Resided 31 Church St Goodwood, and 9 Gordon Road Observatory
ID: D16211
Muriel Amelia Rex
born: 1887
died: 1970/08/20
lived: ±83 years
ID: D16212
Johanna Maria
born: 1889
2.1.3.Catrina Sophia
born: 1897
ID: D16213
born: 1899
ID: D16214
born: 1855
ID: D163
4.Hendrik John "Johannes"
born: 1861/11/05
died: 1909/08/09 3 Hamman Road Clermont, Cape Town
lived: ±48 years
ID: D164
Fanny Kirsten
4.1.Richard Joseph John
born: 1883/05/05
died: 1955/09/02 Bredarsdorp
lived: ±72 years
ID: D1641

Cornelia Loock
born: 1879/01/19
died: 1918/10/11
lived: ±39 years
4.1.1.Henry John
born: 1902/07/07
ID: D16411
4.1.2.Johanna Fanny
born: 1904/07/01
ID: D16412
4.1.3.Stella Cornelia
born: 1906/03/28
ID: D16413
4.1.4.Florence Kathleen
born: 1909/06/16
ID: D16414
born: 1911/01/18
ID: D16415
4.1.6.Richard Joseph
born: 1913/05/18
died: 1985/04/28
lived: ±72 years
ID: D16416
Anna Sophia Kruger
born: 1912/11/19
died: 1984/09/03
lived: ±72 years
born: 1915/01/06
ID: D16417
born: 1917/08/19
ID: D16418
Philipina Catherina Bronn
born: 1887/02/10
died: 1956/08/23
lived: ±69 years
FP#110 Was married three times: Firstly to a Mr. Gouws (no known first name or children). Secondly to Frederick Jacobus Van der Bijl, with whom she had five children: Anna Johanna (Poppie) 1906, Frederick Jacobus 1908, Magdalene Christina Susanna 1910, Jacobus Johannes 1914, Barnard Jacobus 1915. She became a widow and the lastly married Richard Joseph John.

4.1.1.Phillip Goodman
born: 1920/06/09
died: 1988 Botrivier
lived: ±68 years
ID: D16419
Susanna Magdalena "Blanie" Hamman
born: 1930/08/09
died: 1986/07/25
lived: ±56 years
Daughter of Barend Swart Hamman and Susanna Magdalena Hamman (s file 615/86 Cape)
4.1.2.William Walter
born: 1922/11/23 Maitland Cape
died: 1981/11/15
lived: ±59 years
ID: D1641A
Laura De Bruyn
born: 1924
4.1.3.Philipina Catharina "Ina"
born: 1924/07/11 Cape Town
ID: D1641B

Dirk Conelius Petrus Bosch
born: 1920/02/14
died: 1980/09/20
lived: ±60 years
married: 1945/05/26
FP#86. Son of Johannes Hendrik Lourens Bosch and Hester Magdalena Bosch [de Vos]. They had two daughters, and assumed parenthood of another one: Philipina Catharina (Derina) Cilliers [Bosch] in 1946, Hester Johanna (Hetta) Lamprechts [Bosch] in 1948, Memory Shamtereck by fostering
4.1.4.James "Chappy"
born: 1926/05/23
died: 1973
lived: ±47 years
FP#87 Had two wives, both deceased.
ID: D1641C
4.1.5.Aletha Johanna "Alice"
born: 1928/09/12
ID: D1641D
Johannes Petrus "Boetie" Rossouw
born: 1925/02/02
married: 1951/02/02
FP#89. They had two children: Phirina Johanna Van der Merwe [Rossouw] in 1955, Rocco Rossouw in 1957
born: 1930/12/28 Cape Town
died: 1982/03/07 Pretoria
lived: ±52 years
FP#90. Died of a heart attack.
ID: D1641E

Rachel Hansen
born: 1931/08/29 Worcester
married: 1953/11/28 Parow
FP#91. Daughter of Henry Martin Hansen and Anna Susanna Gertruida Hansen [Roux]

Maria Magdalena Johanna Petronella "Miemie" Germishuys
born: 1901/08/10
died: 1984/04/08
lived: ±83 years
married: 1952
File no: 3036/84 Cape. FP#111. Their marriage was delayed pending his divorce from his second wife which took many years, at which stage their eldest son Joseph was already in high school.
4.1.1.Joseph Peter
born: 1938/05/10 Bredarsdorp
died: 2006
lived: ±68 years
ID: D1641F
Elize Marais
4.1.2.Richard John "Robbie"
born: 1945/01/31 Bredarsdorp
ID: D1641G

Michelle Le Roux

born: 1884
ID: D1642
4.3.John Henry Fredrick "Freddy"
born: 1886
died: 1926/09/13
lived: ±40 years
Lived at 6 Smith Square Woodstock.
ID: D1643
Ann Alice Maria Mc Leary
4.3.1.Frederick George Henry
born: 1911
ID: D16431
born: 1912
ID: D16432
4.3.3.Doreen Thelma
born: 1914
ID: D16433
4.3.4.Terence Michael
born: 1916
ID: D16434
4.3.5.Maureen Bridget
born: 1918
ID: D16435
Van Niekerk
born: 1887
ID: D1644
4.5.William Walter
born: 1889
File number 4338/70. Cape.
ID: D1645
Maria Sophia
born: 1895/01/21
died: 1970/07/23
lived: ±75 years
4.5.1.Albertus Christiaan
born: 1915
ID: D16451
4.5.2.Joyce Gwendoline
born: 1917
ID: D16452
4.5.3.Eric Harold
born: 1921
ID: D16453
4.6.Jacobus Henry
born: 1892
ID: D1646
4.7.Peter George
born: 1896
ID: D1647
Clara Wunderlich
born: 1862
ID: D165

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