Douglas Paul Leibbrandt's Coat Of Arms

South African Leibbrandt Family Tree

Descendants of D1641A

William Walter
born: 1922/11/23 Maitland Cape
died: 1981/11/15
lived: ±59 years
ID: D1641A


Laura De Bruyn
born: 1924
1.Richard John "Johnny"
born: 1944/05/30
died: 1997/02/27 Vanderbijlpark
lived: ±53 years
FP#47. His wife Lily wrote:

"[He was] a corporal in the Army when we met. He was a very humorous person and loved to tell jokes . He became an Officer (lieutenant), and did duty on the border. When he returned, he left the force. We were then staying in Pretoria .

He was exceptionally good in remembering names and dates. He would walk in the street, see someone, go up to them and say, "You are so-and-so; we were on a week training course in Lenz 5 years ago". The other person would then say "yes, this was long ago. How did you recognise or remember me?". He would reply, "I just know/remember a name".

He then did unusual jobs, such as selling vacuum cleaners in Potchefstroom , Servicing Singer sewing machines in Carletonville. Yes, he could sew, but was better at setting the thread tension to ensure an even stitch. He then became the Manager of a furniture store (Sales House) which became a clothing store. First in Kroonstad, transferred to Vereeninging, Vanderbijl and then to Klerksdorp.

He loved people and respected their point of view, but clearly stated his point of view.

Worked at the then Iscor Vanderbijlpark as detective in their security Department

After I think 19 years - he became ill and was boarded in November 96 and he died in Jan of 1997 as stated. My hubby was buried in Vanderbijlpark .

By me he will be remember as a fun-loving person who was a perfectionist in the calligraphy ( writing) & spelling area.

The 3 kids we have were loved by him, and he had installed a lot of good values in their lives.

His hobbies: loved woodwork and played tennis, although in the latter years he did not do any of the two."

ID: D1641A1

Catherina Hendrina Lily Knoetze
born: 1948/09/07
Never remarried. Living in Krugersdorp

born: 1970/12/07 Potchefstroom, North-West Province
ID: D1641A11

Mariska Johanna Barry
born: 1977/11/26 Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
married: 2005/09/29 Greensleeves, Krugersdorp

born: 2007/12/06 Pretoria, Gauteng
ID: D1641A111

1.2.Laurinda Juanita
born: 1969/03/14 Pretoria, Gauteng
ID: D1641A12

Reichardt Benjamin Piek
born: Meyerton, Vaal Triangle
married: 1988

born: 1980/12/16 Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng
ID: D1641A13

Rudolph Henery
They have a son: Ricardo

born: 1947/01/20
died: 1997/11/
lived: ±50 years
FP#48. She had four sons - Arno, Waldo, Jaques (deceased) and Marius Smit. Angerina, her husband and the 3rd son Jaques all died on the same day in November 1997 in an incident at her brother Willie's home.
ID: D1641A2
Jacobus Smit
born: 1945
died: 1997/11/
lived: ±52 years
3.William "Willie"
born: 1954/11/08
ID: D1641A3

Dina Celeste Otto
ID: D1641A31

ID: D1641A32

3.3.Dina Celeste
ID: D1641A33

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